“Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation Services” is an independent firm established in August 2010 and based in Switzerland. I’m a geoarchaeologist and conservation scientist (PhD) with almost 25 years of experience within cultural heritage. On this site you can read my blog (home), learn about my services and research or find out who my clients and partners are. As a member of ICOMOS, I’m committed to working for a sustainable cultural heritage, following international standards and principles.

Educated as an ore geologist in the 1980s, I soon moved to weathering and conservation of historic stone buildings, in which field I received my PhD in 1998 (architectural history). This primary interest was widened in the 1990s, when I took up research on the archaeology and conservation of ancient stone quarries, particularly in Egypt and Norway. I have spent some 20 field seasons in Egypt and on discovering rock art in the desert, I became so fascinated that I now have to count this field to my interests as well. Please see my CV for further information.

In short, my current services are naturally related to my research interests – to the archaeology of old stone; to quarries, monuments and rock art. And to their weathering, decay and conservation.

Over the years I have worked with several universities, cultural heritage institutions and other organisations in Norway and Switzerland and still have cooperation with some of them:

My firm also has an agreement of cooperation with the Norwegian conservation company “Bakken & Magnussen AS” (their website is under construction).

If you have a question or a potential project, please see the contact page. I will do my best to answer, develop a sound investigation programme or redirect you to colleagues that may help.