Thematic maps

Ancient quarries in the Aswan region (EG)

Ancient quarries in the Aswan region (EG)

Purpose: Archaeology and conservation planning
Method: GIS/GPS
Research/mapping: Per Storemyr, Tom Heldal, Elizabeth Bloxam, Adel Kelany and James Harrell
Base map: Landsat satellite image (c. 2000)
Project: QuarryScapes

Harrell, J.A. & Storemyr, P. (2009): Ancient Egyptian Quarries – An Illustrated Overview. In: Abu-Jaber, N., Bloxam, E., Degryse, P. & Heldal, T. (eds.): QuarryScapes. Ancient stone quarry landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean, Geological Survey of Norway Special Publication 12, 7-50. Download PDF (7,6 MB)

Bloxam, E., Heldal, T. & Storemyr, P. (eds.) (2007): Characterisation of complex quarry landscapes: an example from the West Bank quarries, Aswan. QuarryScapes report, Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim. 275 p. Download PDF (20,2 MB)

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