“Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation Services” is an independent, one-man firm established in Switzerland in 2010 and since 2014 based in Norway. I’m a geoarchaeologist and conservation scientist (PhD) with 30 years of experience within cultural heritage. In 2019, together with colleagues, I established FABRICA, a registered Norwegian company. FABRICA is responsible for my domestic (Norwegian) services within the cultural heritage sector, my one-man company for international services and some research activities.

As a member of ICOMOS, I’m committed to working for a sustainable cultural heritage, following international standards and principles.

Educated as an ore geologist in the 1980s, I soon moved to weathering and conservation of historic stone buildings, in which field I received my PhD in 1998 (at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway). This primary interest was widened in the 1990s, when I took up research on the archaeology and conservation of ancient stone quarries, particularly in Egypt and Norway. I have spent some 20 field seasons in Egypt and on discovering rock art in the desert, I became so fascinated that I also started working on weathering/preservation of petroglyphs. In 2016-17 I started burning lime for restoration of historic buildings in Norway. I have been responsible for building several kilns and have experience from about 40 traditional burns with wood.

I have worked for several universities and heritage institutions, including:

  • NTNU in Trondheim, NO
  • The Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral, NO
  • The Geological Survey of Norway, NO
  • Expert Center für Denkmalpflege/ETH Zurich, CH
  • Conservation Science Consulting, Fribourg, CH
  • Norwegian Millstone Centre in Hyllestad, NO

After 8 years in Hyllestad, Western Norway, from 2022 I am based with my family in Arendal at the southern coast of Norway.

If you have a question or a potential project, please see the contact page. I will do my best to answer, develop a sound investigation programme or redirect you to colleagues that may help.

My company is in the official Norwegian registries, with no. 914 103 894 MVA (Brønnøysundregistrene)