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Utstein monastery, portal (NO), damages

Utstein monastery, portal (NO), damages

Medieval stone building, detail
Purpose: Conservation planning
Method: Photoshop with base map from phoptography
Mapping: Per Storemyr, Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral
Base map: Per Storemyr
Client: Stiftelsen Utstein kloster

Storemyr, P. (2001): Dokumentasjon av skipets vestportal på Utstein klosterkirke. Med vedlagt tilstandsrapport for korets glassmalerier (bidrag fra Bård Sagfjæra og Øystein Ekroll) NDR-report, no. 3 /2001, 38 p. [Documentation of the west portal at Utstein medieval monastery church]

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2 Responses to Utstein monastery, portal (NO), damages

  1. Per Storemyr says:

    Prior to modern restorations there surely were lime on the walls, but personally I don’t know whether it was in the form of plaster or whitewash and whether the one or the other was applied in the Middle Ages. I should think it was a relatively thick whitewash. There has been a great debate about this theme as concerns Utstein, prior to the recent whitewashing/plastering of the walls.

  2. Alan Wright says:

    I would be grateful, if you could tell me if the external and internal faces of the stonework at Utstein Kloster, were originally finished with whitewash

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