Thematic maps

Nidaros cathedral choir, Trondheim (NO), stones

Nidaros cathedral choir, Trondheim (NO), stones

Medieval stone building
Purpose: Building archaeology, conservation planning
Method: Photoshop with base map from photogrammetry/CAD
Mapping: Per Storemyr, Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral
Base map: Downland Partnership
Client: EU’s Raphael project

Storemyr, P. (2001): Thematic Mapping of Stonework at the South Facade of the Nidaros Cathedral Choir: Present Methodology and Options for the Future. In: Lunde, Ø. & Gunnarsjaa, A. (eds.): Report Raphael II Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Trondheim Norway 2000. The Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim. NDR-report, no. 2/2001. Download PDF (1,9 MB)

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