Thematic maps

Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim (NO), overview stones

Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim (NO), overview stones

Medieval stone building
Purpose: Building archaeology, conservation planning
Method: Photoshop with base map from measured survey
Mapping: Per Storemyr
Base map: Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral

Storemyr, P. (1997): The Stones of Nidaros. An Applied Weathering Study of Europe’s Northernmost Medieval Cathedral. Ph.d-thesis, no. 1997:92, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. Download PDF (19,1 MB)

Storemyr, P., Lundberg, N. Østerås, B. & Heldal, T. (2010): Arkeologien til Nidarosdomens middelaldersteinbrudd. In: Bjørlykke, K., Ekroll, Ø. & Syrstad Gran, B. (eds.): Nidarosdomen – ny forskning på gammel kirke. Trondheim: Nidaros Domkirkes Restaureringsarbeiders forlag, 238-267. [The archaeology of Nidaros cathedral’s medieval quarries] Download PDF (2,8 MB)

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