Thematic maps

Church of Zell Zurich (CH), historic damages

Church of Zell Zurich (CH), historic damages

Medieval mural paintings
Purpose: Development of damages, conservation planning
Method: Photoshop with base map from photography
Mapping: Per Storemyr and Konrad Zehnder (1983)
Base map: Andreas Franz
Client: Canton of Zürich (cultural heritage authorities)

Storemyr, P. & Franz, A. (2002): Die Wandmalereien des Turmchores, Reformierte Kirche, Zell (ZH): Schadensgeschichte, Verwitterungsprozesse und Konservierungskonzept. Bericht, No. 2002.041, Expert-Center für Denkmalpflege, Zürich, 80 p. [Mural Paintings in the Choir Tower, the Church of Zell, Canton Zürich: Damage History, Weathering Processes and Conservation Concept]

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