Update after long absence – follow on facebook

Over the last six months I’ve been immersed in practical and scientific works and so I’ve been unable to write sensible blog posts on this website. I guess most bloggers experience something similar once in a while. If you want to get an idea of what I’ve been up to, please follow me on my personal facebook profile. There you can find brief news about e.g. building and running a “medieval” limekiln at Hyllestad in Western Norway, and various projects across Norway; from rock art in Finnmark county up north to stone conservation at Stavanger cathedral in the south.

Now I’m on a combined study tour and holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, focusing on geoparks and heritage, and having just visited Giants Causeway:

About Per Storemyr

I work with the archaeology of old stone quarries, monuments and rock art. And try to figure out how they can be preserved. For us - and those after us. For the joy of old stone!
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