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Partner in the Borgund Kaupang Project – on the rise and fall of a medieval town

My company is proud partner in the Borgund Kaupang Project (2019-2023), on the rise and fall of a “lost” medieval town. The project is coordinated by the University of Bergen and financed by the Norwegian Research Council. Together with Alf Tore Hommedal, my task is to source building materials such as marble, soapstone and lime for mortar and to interpret the whole building process, from quarries to churches. Thanks a lot to project manager Gitte Hansen, Therese Nesset and a great international team for a fine kick-off meeting in Ålesund last week! Continue reading

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Burning sea shells to make quicklime

Burning sea shells to make quicklime once was a great tradition in the North-Atlantic region. In Millstone Park, Hyllestad (W-Norway), we have built two limekilns, reviving old lime burning traditions, involving craftspeople, volunteers and the public. Recently we burnt sea shells to make lime paint and mortar! Read about the experiment in a new poster and web article. Continue reading

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