Clients & Partners

Selja abbey ruins during heavy rain in November 2010

Selja abbey ruins during heavy rain in November 2010: Since then, quite a lot of my work has been  going on far west in Norway!

Since the establishment of my one-man company in 2010, I have carried out projects and been involved in research – and publication of research – with a variety of clients and partners. As of April 2019, my domestic services will be managed through FABRICA. Several of the projects below will be ongoing in this new constellation.

Universities and museums

Cathedral workshops/institutions responsible for conservation of stone buildings, cathedrals and churches

One of my "clients": Medieval Berne Minster in Switzerland (west facade). Photo: Per Storemyr

One of my “clients”: Medieval Berne Minster in Switzerland (west facade). Photo: Per Storemyr

Cultural Heritage authorities

  • Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Norway (Riksantikvaren): Investigation and preservation of local quarries used for building now ruined medieval monasteries and churches (2013-2015).
  • Selje Municipality, in tandem with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage: weathering and climate at Selja medieval monastery (2016-).
  • Oppland County Council: Weathering and conservation of Stone Age rock paintings (2018-)

Heritage institutions

Geological institutions

Private companies

  • Bakken & Magnussen AS (Norwegian conservation company): Investigation of quarries at Rein medieval monastery, Central Norway (2011-2012); condition and conservation plan at Steinvikholm medieval castle, Central Norway (2011); weathering of render and limewash at Austrått castle, Central Norway (2011); investigation into weathering and stone quarries at Selja medieval monastery, West Coast of Norway (2010).

Research and book projects

Research networks

  • The Norwegian Research Council/Norark: Member of the so-called “Utmarksnettverket” (archaeological  “outfield” network), on the archaeology of key Norwegian resources, especially in the Middle Ages) (2011-)
  • Participant at the so-called “Grubleseminar” (Facebook page here), an informal group of experts regularly meeting to discuss the archaeology and history of Norwegian medieval stone buildings.

In addition, I’m regularly attending selected conferences and workshops, and conducting peer reviews of papers relating to my fields of expertise.

For examples of investigations and research with various employers prior to the establishment of my company (from the 1990s to 2010), please see this PDF.

See also these pages: About, Services & Research, New projects, Publications, Reports

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