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Good stone doesn’t change its location!

There have been few new posts on my blog recently. But there is a very good reason for this apparent laziness, since I’m now writing a book about stone. Or, to be more correct, a book about the cultural history … Continue reading

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Impressions from summer fieldwork in Norway

Over the last few weeks I’ve been back in Norway for projects on conservation of medieval castle ruins, as well as on provenance of medieval and more modern building stone. Here are some impressions!*

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Where does the stone at Nidaros Cathedral come from?

Stone to the northernmost of Europe’s great cathedrals was provided from no less than 50 different quarries across Norway and to some extent from elsewhere in Europe. But there are great differences between the medieval building period (11th to 14th … Continue reading

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New quarries discovered in Central Norway

This summer Tom Heldal (Geological Survey of Norway) and I went on one of our occasional trips to look for old quarries. The aim was to find a marble quarry by the farms Lenn and Fröset in Sparbu close to … Continue reading

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New publications 2009-2010

Though published some months ago, I would like to briefly present four of my most recent publications. Two derives from the EU QuarryScapes project, two from a conference last year in Trondheim about new research at Nidaros Cathedral.

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